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The most refined choice for smart gentlemen is these luxurious oxford wingtip shoes. Characterized by its vamp, these designs display the tan and taw’s trademark twin stitch detailing. 

The Oxford wingtip shoes are the foundation of an extravagant heritage look. Oxford shoes have made their way to the topmost luxury segment of the shoe business over the years. Available in different colors, styles, and materials, oxford shoes are easily paired on any occasion a man finds it worth buying them. Explore the collection online on our official website, these are some of the most elegant traditional oxford shoes choices of any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Styling Oxford wingtip shoes in different seasons?

  • Summer brings on the increase in wearing shorts and t-shirts, styling differently with a wingtip shoe with these casual wear makes the men find them worthy of buying. Keeping the color of the shorts minimal is the key, you can go for a pastel palette, and not only they’ll complement different men’s shirts, t-shirts and polos. But they will also look smashing with color-coordinated tan and taw’s shoes. 
  • The Autumn season is similar to spring, the combination of oxford wingtip shoes and the smart-casuals for men looks magnificent. Blazers or knee-length coats with some dark high-lighted colors are a good alternative with this footwear to buy. Try to wear something contrasting in color with the shoes, if wearing black or blue trousers or jeans, buying a different colored coat will elevate the personality of men. 
  • Try to accessorize oxford wingtip looks with hats, gloves, and mufflers. Casual outfits will use more wool-lined garments such as cardigans or pullovers, whereas formal attire will use a woolen material overcoat over a suit.
  • The Winter season is the best season to unbox your oxford wingtip shoes. Precautions must be taken for oxford shoes, as the leather sole and upper get quickly spoiled in the wet season. The wingtip oxfords paired with a long woolen coat and jeans make a modern look a man will love to buy. Steel grey, zed black, charcoal black, deep navy, and bottle green are some of the magnificent winter tones that you can pair your beautiful wingtip oxfords with. With so many options available online on our website, find a perfect pair of genuine leather shoes suited for a gentleman’s wardrobe.
  • The Spring season is the finest of weather to pair your elegant oxford wingtip shoes. Long sleeve shirts or t-shirts with a linen blazer or cotton cardigan and well-fitted jeans are a fabulous spring outfit and entirely harmonized with your oxford shoes. This style is perfect for guys who love to rehearse with their apparel and purchase them online. Dance around with distinctive combos, colors, textures, and make new everyday attire with the men’s footwear which you can buy from tan and taw’s official website.

Accessorize your style with oxford wingtip shoes

The oxford wingtip shoes can be accessorized in several ways, advancing the look of the attire and elevating the personality of men. Here are few accessories to style with:

  1.  Oxford shoes when paired with a tie, the outfit gives a dapper look. A navy suit, crisp white shirt, and tan oxford shoes create a perfect combination with a tie and elevate the trendiness of a person. 
  2. Cardigans are a yet distinct approach to dress smart-casually. A green cardigan can levitate the atmosphere with beautiful wingtip shoes.
  3. Scarfs can add spice to attire, harmonize the long grey scarf around your neck with a black leather jacket and oxford shoes to create the most amazing bold casual look.
  4. The glasses complete the final look with the oxford shoes a man can buy and look quirky and stylish at the same time. 

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