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Oxford shoes have a characteristic closed lacing system. The wholecut shoe is made from a single spotless piece of leather. The wholecut has a clean and sleek look and it grabs attention without even asking for it. The less adorned a shoe is, the more formal it is technically. Due to footwear’s sleek silhouette and minimalistic design, the shoes represent the most uncomplicated and purest form of luxury shoemaking. 

The minimalist style of an oxford shoe adds style and elegance to any outfit. The style of oxford shoes makes them proper for formal occasions because of the clean-cut and they draw attention without screaming for it. Wholecut Oxford shoes feature only a single visible seam at the heel of the shoes. The minimalist design elevates the clean aesthetics of the footwear and adds sophistication to any gentleman’s personality that he can buy. The single-piece upper also makes footwear comfortable, durable and easy to dress all these features make the shoes worth buying.

So if you have never owned a pair of shoes for yourself, it’s time you give them a shot. And to help you see the advantage in buying them, we have compiled the reasons to buy these Oxford leather shoes.

Characteristics of wholecut shoes

  • The wholecut oxford shoes are pro-versatile footwear. This Footwear is simple yet classy and undeniably handy. Their sleek and minimalistic adornment make them the most iconic formal-wear fashion. The shoes work well with a tuxedo and this dress shoe flexes and flaunts with any attire. They feature a closed lacing system just like the traditional oxford shoes. Wholecut shoes paired with both smart-casual and business outfits. The wholecut shoe is a wardrobe essential for a man finds worth buying. 
  • In terms of design, the sleek design of the wholecut shoe with a slimmer silhouette sets them apart from most of the shoes you can buy. The minimalistic design and narrow shape of the footwear are aesthetically pleasing. The single-seam presents at the heel of the wholecut shoes with spotless lines promise elegance that you find worthy of buying them. The wholecut shoes have made their place in the fashion industry, it is one of the most sought and bought shoes. The leather used to make these shoes provides durability and comfort, which makes them one of the most encouraging footgear. Every gentleman deserves a pair of these elegant wholecut shoes, you can explore the collection on our official website.
  • The exquisite craftsmanship and most high-quality material used at tan and taw make the wholecut shoes the best shoes for men. Wholecut shoes are made with a single piece of leather, which makes them special because leather must be free from blemishes and dents. The smooth texture and surface of these shoes are the reason behind the popularity of the shoes. These shoes are a tricky art, the delicate assembly and high-quality precision are required to craft the shoes.
  •   Can you dress in wholecut shoes on your big day? Yes, you can. The shoes are the ideal footwear for the wedding, the groom adds a class to his personality wearing these beautiful luxury wholecut shoes. Stepping into the big scene with a crisp, neat wedding suit matched with a shimmering pair of Oxford is going to be gob-smacking.
  • While some characters may find the sleek design pair comfortable, in reality, these shoes that harmonize your feet size are sure to be the snuggest footwear you can buy from our official website. Tan and taw have developed thick padding to provide the highest comfort to the wearer. Check the collection online, our shoes are affordable, a person will find them worth buying.

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