Wooden Whole Cut

A wholecut oxford shoe is the kind of elegant, modern statement to take your shoe game to the next level. A wholecut shoe has its traditional closed-laced system. The only exclusiveness is that the shoe is hand-made with a single piece of leather. The beautiful grains of wood have been haint-painted by our expert artisans. The color pattern is the true inspiration from nature.

The wholecut goes one better in terms of craftsmanship and a single leather piece is sewn together with just a single seam at the back. The minimal and sleek design will elevate the style and formality of whatever you’re wearing with it. The wholecut shoes are very versatile you can pair them up with several outfits according to occasion and environment.

The sole of the shoes are crafted with high-quality anti-skid material, to add up we’ve hand-painted the sole to increase the luxury style in look. The shoe’s insole has soft padding to provide comfort to the wearer.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Wooden Patina.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.

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The more precise wholecut shoes are one of the most versatile pairs of shoes. The one-piece construction with fewer features makes the wholecut shoes a must-have pair in any gentleman’s wardrobe. The wooden color of shoes ensures you have the right pair of formal shoes for every outfit. 

Due to their design, wholecut shoes feature the closed lacing design of the traditional oxford shoes. The sleek design with clean lines and just a single seam at the heel of the shoes makes them versatile. This type of shoe stands out for the quality of the leather and the precision in constructing them. The wholecut shoes represent the straightforward and purest form of luxurious leather shoemaking. The craftsmanship in making these elegant luxury wholecut shoes are timeless.

The minimalist design of wholecut shoes

The wholecut shoes are defined by the minimalism and simplicity that add a modern element to any outfit. The wholecut shoes don’t need any publicity and a cleaner look draws attention without screaming for it- primarily, you look good without striving too hard. The shoe has just a single seam at the heel of shoes which gives them a neat look and adds sophistication to your personality.

The single-piece upper leather of the wholecut shoes makes them more durable and easy to wear. The perfectly sized most comfortable mens oxford shoes are a style statement you can buy from our official website.

Why high-quality leather is used to make wholecut shoes?

The best wholecut oxford style shoes are the most expensive and exclusive shoe pattern available. The high-quality leather is handpicked from the best tanneries around the globe. The leather must be free from any blemishes and defects because in the later process it can’t be corrected. The best wholecut oxford shoes are crafted from a single piece of leather which means it has only one seam. The wastage of leather is comparatively higher than other shoes, thus adding to the increased cost of the shoes.

The texture of the skin needs to be uniform across the whole shoe. The hides used in making these elegant pairs of wholecut shoes are rare, which increases the cost of making these shoes. The lasting of the shoes is also difficult and time taking, the single piece of leather takes more days to attain the shape of the last used. Wholecut shoes are unquestionably up there on the list of most challenging shoe styles to last. So when you look at your pair of Italian leather wholecut shoes, you’re not just seeing the beauty, but you’re seeing years of craftsmanship expertise and the best quality of leather available.

Wholecut shoes easy to maintain?

Comparatively, it is more comfortable to maintain wholecut shoes but not easy, to keep them tidy takes time. Cleansing wholecut shoes are pretty good. There are no seams present in the wholecut shoes to get in the way, so adding polish and brushing the shoe is painless than with other shoes. Achieving mirror shine on the toe of the shoe becomes less hectic.

It is necessary to keep the shoes in a ventilated area after taking them off. The moisture content in the shoes must be eliminated first accompanied by brushing and polishing them before storing them. It is advised to use a shoe tree inside them while putting them in the box, as it will keep the shape of the shoes intact.

 When it is raining, it is advised not to wear your wholecut oxford shoes, water can degrade both the leather and sole of the shoes. Use the shoe-horn while wearing the shoes, this healthy habit will increase the life of the back of the shoe and hold the shoe last longer.


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