Volcanic Deep Brown

 The one-piece construction of wholecut leather shoes means they are more social by nature—the fewer features, the more trustworthy. The tan and taw’s artistic deep brown color is inspired by the after-effects of the volcanic eruption. The color is a deep brown with a hint of red.

The wholecut oxford shoes are the most appreciated footwear, they don’t shout -look at me-. The seamless look of the shoe is itself an attention grabber. These wholecut shoes are very critical to make as, the leather should be of the highest quality, the leather must be flawless, and it requires more skilled craftsmanship.

Tan and taw’s wholecut oxford shoes are hand-painted by our experienced artisans.  The wholecut oxford shoes making process takes several hours of working. Sturdy and high-quality material is used in making the outsole of the shoes. To elevate the luxury of the shoes the sole is hand-painted and the insole of the wholecut shoes has intelligent padding to provide comfort to the wearer.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Deep Volcanic Brown.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


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The wholecut oxford shoes are the most elegant yet simple, classy and sophisticated dress shoes you can rock. The single-piece construction of wholecut oxford shoes makes the shoe more formal by nature. The closed lacing and minimalistic look are the key features of the shoe. 

How can you tell the footwear is wholecut oxford shoes?

The minimalist pattern emphasizes the cleaner aesthetics of the shoes and adds sophistication to your look. The wholecut shoe draws attention without shouting for it. The single-piece construction of the shoe and just a single seam on the back of the shoe make them strongly differentiated. 

What are the best color wholecut oxford shoes for you?

Which tone of wholecut shoe is best suited for you, it can vary a few depending on the person and the season. For momentarily, we would go with deep brown wholecut shoes. Visually they are a bit more attractive. Though closed lacing and made with a single piece of leather, we love the sleek and minimalistic look of the wholecut oxford shoes. The dual-color and silhouette also play an important role such that it compliments the color of the shoes, and gives a luxurious look to the trendy shoes. 

Why would you buy wholecut oxford shoes from us?

If you’re one of those people who follows the latest fashion trends, and you have got a flavor of fashion and you’re looking ahead to being trendy one, well you came to the appropriate place. Here at Tan and Taw, we handpick our leather, the high quality of leather defines the quality and flawlessness of our product. The whole process of making wholecut shoes is through hands only that represents the craftsmanship of our artisans. Hand-colored Patina on the shoe is the art that seeks ancestral experience. All the applications and number of working days result in mirror-shine, highly comfortable luxurious shoes that you can’t resist buying from our official website.

Our traditionalist artisans hand-paint every pair of shoes with precision and care. The daintiest sturdy material is used in forming the outsole of the shoes, an extra layer is attached to the outsole to give balance and an anti-slip feature to the shoes. The outsole of the shoe is also colored to elevate the luxury in the style of shoes. To increase the comfort of the shoes we have effectively designed an insole with thick padding. The inner lining of the shoe is constructed with soft leather to give a rich comfort to the feet, it also gives a snug fit that you can wear your footwear for the whole day. 

Can wholecut oxford shoes be paired with a sock? or No socks?

It depends on the setting and occasion where both the sock and no-sock look is fair. Recognizing the trend will grow the fashion sense and you will be able to pair your wholecut shoes with socks and without them. 

Wear socks whenever you’re going for a more fashionable event and meeting. If you work in a corporate atmosphere, having client discussions, or visiting a gala function, always match your wholecut shoes with the socks. Selecting the right socks is a different judgment of styling that you should create a blend of socks with your attire.  

No socks look, a different class of practice here you must be contemporary. Without socks, you must have to wear custom-fitted apparel. For example, you must trim your chinos, pants and jeans at least 1 inch above the ankle to do fairness to the no sock look. Always make sure that you have a small gap between the shoe and at the end of your pants. Your trousers must be fitted and must be held care-off. A personality will grab the attention nearby, making a style statement wearing these beautiful deep brown wholecut oxford shoes.


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