Red Oxford Patina

Defined by the sleek silhouette and its luxury, the oxford shoe is considered the most elegant type of men’s shoes out there. The rich historical background and craftsmanship define the beauty of oxford style shoes.

The red color of the oxford shoes is trendy.

The two-tone color effect of the shoes is an art that depicts true craftsmanship. Each pair is hand-painted by our expert artisans that bring exclusiveness to the shoe. Comfort and quality are the core values of tan & taw.

The hand-picked leather imported to India, full-grain leather is the key that brings richness to the color of the shoe and does justice to the oxfords. The color combination is such that it compliments each other that elevates the personality of the wearer and adds confidence.

The high-quality material is used in making the outsole of the oxford shoes that is comfortable and sturdy. The inner sole is made from cushioned soft-padded leather that gives comfort to the wearer.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Red Patina.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


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The elegant oxford shoes come highest in rank when it comes to men’s dress shoes. This beautiful oxford footwear style has contributed an elegant and luxury appearance to outfits for centuries and continues to do so today. Oxford style shoes are one of the most versatile shoes of their time and it’s still timeless. 

The shoe is advancing the looks ranging from the most formal to smart casual. It depends on the person who is styling, a variety of combinations are possible with these beautiful pairs of oxford shoes

What Are Oxford Style shoes?

An Oxford shoe has a closed lacing system. Under the vamp of the shoes or the top part of the shoes, eyelet tabs are present. The oxford shoes don’t have a closed lacing system. The oxford shoes are made with a variety of leather and details. The chunky oxford shoes can be combined with different attires to create looks ranging from casual to smart formals. 

Does the specific color of oxford style shoes matter? 

The color of the shoe must complement the outfit you’re pairing with according to occasion and environment. There is no such specific color that one must stick to permanently. 

Red has become a prominent shade in men’s oxford footwear style, because of the shoe’s light and dark tones, which is one of the most versatile colors that go with everything. 

How can you describe Oxford style shoes?

The closed lacing panel is the key feature of an oxford shoe. The eyelets are stitched under the vamp of the oxford shoes. This means that the laces will only be opened at the center of the shoes, not at the bottom. When compared, the heel of the oxfords shoes is not high. Depending on the color and styling, this is what makes them the most formal style of men’s dress shoes.

Are our oxford style shoes good?

Well, this is one of the most diplomatic questions, it depends from person to person. According to tan and taw, oxford shoes are one of the excellent investments for any gentleman’s wardrobe. 

Oxford shoes are classic and are one of the perfect choices for suits and tuxedos. Depending on the occasion, oxford shoes can also be worn semi-formally and smart-casually. The soft lining and thick padded insole make them comfortable and you can don a pair for the whole day.

When to wear oxford style shoes?

Oxford style shoes as formal:

The oxford shoes are the only shoes that could be smartly paired with nearly every outfit. Thanks to the sleek silhouettes and polished appearance of the shoes, it can elevate the class of any formal outfit you wear. They compliment two-piece and three-piece suits perfectly, adding a dapper touch. 

Oxfords make an excellent choice if you’re wearing trousers or suit pants. Due to their sophisticated aesthetic and sleek look, oxford shoes are the perfect partner to formal outfits. This footwear is an ideal choice for the wedding event, cocktail, and work. The right style and color of oxford shoes play an important role while pairing them with the pants you’re wearing.

Oxford shoe as casual:

An Oxford shoe is one of the most stylish shoes of any gentleman’s wardrobe. For a sleek and smart casual look, Oxford shoes and chinos make a wonderful choice. To keep the outfit coordinated, just select the right color of the chinos to complement the shoes, and you’re good to go. 

Oxford shoes with jeans that are well fitted and a leather jacket, will make a killer combination. Red oxfords can appear seriously smart with blue jeans, a button-up shirt, and a blazer on top. The key to nailing the look is to ensure your overall look is appropriate.


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