Golden Green Slip On

Golden green slip-on shoes are the epitome of class that perfectly creates a combination of formal and a fun casual tone. The golden-green color of the shoe is inspired by the lush green mountains and mosses. It creates an antique color similar to the patina that is formed on the leather.

The Dual-tone of the shoe creates an image of the mountain’s dark and light colors. The shoe is made with high-quality full-grain leather and hand-painted in unique golden-green color.

Men loafers shoes is a style statement with a unique color and high of fashion this shoe no doubt stands out like its said shoes make an outfit, they are like alloys of a car.

When it comes to owning something that defines men there comes these shoes, these loafer shoes are the most iconic choice to pull off any formal to the casual relaxed look.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Golden Green.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


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Why Loafers?

They are minimalistic and easily paired for different looks and attire. However, the way you are dressing your loafers matters.

The loafer is the most stylish shoe in today’s world. It can easily be paired with different clothes and adds up a statement in your personality and look.

Tan and taw’s primary focus is to give quality and comfort at an affordable price. The classic loaf slippers shoes do not have laces and straps. We are creating designs and color that always trends and remains a menswear staple. Here we keep on developing new shoes-last and research is always on for creating more and more comfort-oriented shoes that are high on fashion.

We have created many designs and dual-color hand-painted loafer shoes you can buy from our official website.

How to wear loafers? Inspiration?

Different options are available on our website to buy from, which is only half the battle won. Buying them is easy and when the loafers got into your wardrobe, the immediate next step is how to rock them with style and fashion.

The loafer is the only shoe that can easily replace any other shoe while adding a style statement to the look. 

Loafers are shoes that can quickly be switched from being entirely traditional to a casual look. While choosing a loafer shoe we are having plenty of options to choose from. 

Why our golden-green penny loafers?

We have created a minimalistic shoe that is high on the fashion trend. Each pair is beautifully hand-made and hand-colored taking several hours of the finest craftsmanship. This loafer is a stylish minimal shoe that is also versatile. We have also kept in mind the shoe should be affordable, making it an excellent purchase.

 The loafer is the preferred shoe option due to its simplistic style and easy adaptability. Giving all these tastes of luxury in leather penny loafers at affordable prices differentiates Tan and taw from other brands. 

Is it ok to wear socks with loafers?

Not to sock or to sock? This is a question raging for decades when it comes to wearing loafers. It is totally the wearer’s choice to wear socks. If you’re opting for the socks then you should be aware of choosing the right clothes. The basic is to keep a focus on the length of the trousers it should be of short ankle length, as it will complement the loafer style more. 

A no sock look is similar to this keeping in mind what to wear and avoid common mistakes. Basically, a loafer without socks undoubtedly gives a relaxed, clean, and minimalistic look to the person.

How to style loafers? 

Loafers are very much versatile shoes, available in so many colors on our website. Loafer shoes are intelligently adaptable shoes, it will add elegance to the personality of the wearer. The high gloss of our leather shoes adds an excellent shine to simplistic silhouettes and gives you a style statement.

Loafer shoes can be paired up with denim and don’t worry about the cut on the jeans either. These are very well paired with any slim or straight-fit jeans. It is recommended to wear a snug fit, ankle-length denim to combine best with loafer shoes.

Loafer shoes can be paired up with formals just to add a casual hint to the fashion trend. Wearing a loafer with a suit makes it a little less formal. This combination is more suited for semi-formal events.

Loafer shoes can also be paired up with casual outfits like chinos and shorts. Loafer shoes and chinos make a perfect combination both give a relaxed and smart-casual appearance. Shorts add a twist in the style just like the spice to the food, when the loafer is paired up with shorts it projects a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic.



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