Norway Tan Loafers

Norway tan loafer is one true craftsmanship; the dual-tone color with a hint of blue adds elegance to the shoes. The color of the shoe is inspired by the early sunrise, with a darker shadow and a blue sky. These new loafer shoes for men are carefully hand-painted in multiple layers to achieve this unique statement color.

These leather loafers are every bit unique with an iconic shoe style, and a class of these tan loafers with blue hints speaks for itself. The shoe is created with a vision of creating a fashion trend. The easy slip-on feels like butter lining on your ankles. Its snug fit and soft padded tan insole make them comfy to wear all day long.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Norway Tan.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.

The uniqueness of this tan loafer may become the masterpiece of your shoe wardrobe. The loafers are meant to reflect excellence in your personality and give you both a formal as well as a casual look.

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Looking for something that speaks Classy?

 This classy pair of tan-colored new loafer shoes for men are the perfect match for your taste. These are must-buy shoes for any man looking forward to completing the footwear collection. The shoe is hand-painted using vegan colors on full-grain genuine leather. These loafers can go well with various outfits. Easy slip-on and highly comfortable padding is a plus point of the shoe if you’re looking for a pair to wear for a whole day that you can buy loafers online from us.

Why buy from us?

If you’re one of those people who follows the latest fashion trends, and you have got a taste of fashion or, you’re looking forward to being a trendy one, well you came to the right place. Here at tan and taw, we handpick our leather, the high quality of leather defines the quality of our product.

 The whole process of making shoes is through hands only that represents the craftsmanship of our artisans. Hand-colored Patina on the shoe is the art that seeks experience. All the efforts and number of working hours result in high-shine, highly comfortable luxury loafer shoes for men you can’t resist buying from our official website.

Why buy these loafer shoes for men?

Black is a classic loafer and brown is versatile. Combination of both the color fills the void and creates the option of clothing to choose from. This is a perfect pair to have because loafers with suit create a perfect look. This dual-tone loafer can be paired up with a smart-casual outfit to many elegant loafers with suit, which is more dressed up looks.

Loafer shoes for men?

Tan & Taw handcrafts loafer that is intelligently crafted for men listed on our website, we are focused on both the interior comfort of the shoe as well as the exterior elegance of the shoe. 

Loafers are easy to slip on shoes for men, these can go with any occasion because of the trendiness of loafers. You can pair it up with business formal to smart casuals these shoes are the perfect match for your taste. These shoes are modernized with a design and add elegance to your wardrobe that you won’t be disappointed.

Loafers for boys?

Who would not like to own a pair of shoes that is classy and gives you an edge? We create these shoes so that a wearer makes a statement rather than the age group, the quality of loafers is on zenith. Considering every age group whether it be a boys black loafers or a man we have kept the prices very nominal so that no one would be disappointed.

Loafer shoes for men with kurta pajamas?

The key to pulling off loafers for this casual look is to choose the right kurta-pajama. Loafers with kurta-pajama project a relaxed yet sophisticated look. Kurta pajama is the current trend associated with mens slip on loafers. With the right selection of best loafers and well-fitted kurta-pajama, you achieve an excellent smart casual appearance.

How to style the loafer shoes for men?

Choosing the right design and color of the shoes is the key to pull-off any fashion trending. The loafer can be paired up easily in both casual and formal looks. Sometimes for the more ambiguous dress codes, loafers give you dressed up but still relaxed feeling. Always go for classic colors because these colors complement your dress code and add up elegance to the look. 

Loafers are the one and only shoe that is very much diverse. It can be paired up with chinos and create a relaxed confident personality. The right selection of well-fitted chinos adds to the elegance of the shoe. 

Loafer shoes for men go excellently well with denim if you’re looking to upgrade your casual attire. Wearing loafers with your jeans instantly elevates your casual look.


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