Red Vein Patina

Tan & Taw’s elegant leather double strap monk shoes with a two-tone patina effect, you can strike a pose in these amazing double monk strap.

The shoe is handmade using traditional methods to make sure that the product is of the absolute highest quality. Intense blood red shades fade into warm dark tones to create a refined, artisan-feel effect. With an antique buckle and stunning design, the look of the shoe gets completed.

A flexible, wearing sole with a soft tan-colored cushioned insole keeps things comfortable, while rich, hand-painted leather gives each pair a beautiful depth of color.

Some of its main features include:

  1. Hand-painted Red Vein.
  2. Unique dual-strap monk design.
  3. Soft padded comfort insole.
  4. Imported hand-picked leather.
  5. Soft leather lining.
  6. Durable sole with beautiful color.

The luxurious double monk shoes add a flair to your wardrobe, it gives you an edge to stand out and bring luxury to your shoe game. The sole adds strong-comfortable support, with the unique dual-color like this you can create a style statement in both formal and smart casual look to add elegance to any occasion.


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Is it best to unbuckle and buckle each time you wear the double monk strap shoes or leave them buckled as if they are slip-on shoes? 

Buckle and unbuckle. Use the most comfortable strap hole – it will probably be the same one for each shoe each time, but each foot may take a different width. The center hole has no magic. It is considered one of the best practices to unbuckle your shoe insert the shoe tree, followed by buckle them back and store the shoes. That will keep the shoe retain its original shape and provide less harm to the sleek silhouette of the shoes. 

For some people, it is highly recommended not to treat the monk shoes as slip-ons or loafers. 

Is it best to use the center strap hole each time similar to using the third hole on a belt of your double monk strap?

Every foot has its shape and size, in some cases customization is the only option because of the variations in both feet. It depends on the wearer in which hole on the belt the shoe gives a comfortable and snug fit. In magazines and advertisements, the middle hole of the strap is considered best for the display of the shoes. And rest wearer should decide the best hole on the strap, where a buckle of the shoe should be placed. 

Is there any potential harm to sliding the foot inside double monk strap shoes while buckled? 

Treating the monk strap shoes as slip-on is much more traumatic to the calf than slipping on and off. The upper leather of shoes loosens its shape over time. Using a shoehorn provides no harm to the backstay and heel counter of the monk shoes. It is considered best to always unbuckle the shoe before wearing them.

Double monk strap shoes are a lot of work?

Every pair of shoes has its own beauty. Mens double monk strap shoes are meant to be unbuckled before wearing them. The process could be a little time taking but not too long. As a style icon, every bit of effort is totally worth it. If a person is going for a trend then a little effort is always acknowledged. 

Is double monk strap in style 2021?

Monk strap shoes are the most versatile shoes it can be easily paired with casuals, business casuals, and less formal attires like blazers and tweeds. Monk shoes have its own history yet it has never been compared with other shoes. Monk-style shoes elevate the personality of an individual. As a gentleman’s outfit, these double strap shoes had made their worth to the wardrobe essential of every man. 

A well-polished shoe with unique color monk straps will certainly get noticed. It is classic yet unusual, monk strap shoes are one of the popular shoes amongst gentlemen.  

How to style double monk strap shoes?

The versatility of the monk shoes has created its own benchmark in the fashion industry. These can be easily paired up with both formal and casual styles. For a relaxed look, you can always pair casual double monk strap shoes with a blazer, jeans, and a shirt. Opt for neutral color chinos and trousers, a linen shirt, a waistcoat, and these beautiful pair of double strap monk shoes.

For business attire, the shoes go best with a well-fitted tailored suit. Details like ties and pocket squares elevate double strap mens shoes into the business world.

Monk strap shoes give the perfect way to elevate a sense of personality into formal attire. Try three-piece suits with a shirt and tie with double monk shoes to business meetings and conferences it will give you an edge. The monk shoes are also gaining popularity among wedding shoes, these shoes are perfect for your big day.


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