Vintage Steel Cut

Tan & Taw’s elegant leather double monk  strap shoes with a two-tone patina effect. The grey color merges into the darker shade that is the resemblance of clouds. The dual color of the shoe is the true inspiration from nature.

The shoe is intelligently crafted with an antique buckle that adds elegance to the shoes and the style of the shoe takes your fashion standards and comfort to a whole new level.

The shoes are handmade using traditional methods to make sure that the product is of the absolute highest quality. Besides an exterior with an excellent finish, the inside of the shoe is also created to provide maximum comfort. With a tan-colored padded insole and comfortable lining of high-quality leather, you can easily walk around all day in. Sporting a luxurious look these double monk strap shoes are meant to reflect nothing but excellence in your personality. With a color like this, the shoe may become the masterpiece of your shoe wardrobe.

Some of its main features include:

  1. Hand-painted dual color.
  2. Unique dual-strap monk design.
  3. Soft padded comfort insole.
  4. Imported hand-picked leather.
  5. Soft leather lining.
  6. Durable sole with beautiful color.


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The most noticeable item a man wears is found on his feet. The secret is in the details that set apart a stylish man from a regular person. One of the most popular shoes in menswear is the double monk strap shoes. These are highly versatile shoes. When you style these elegant pair of shoes will the right clothes, you will look sharp wearing them.


Which double monk strap shoes color is the best?

The highly versatile double monk strap shoes come in a variety of colors. Color plays a key role in styling up these beautiful pair of shoes with the outfit. With the right color combination, the shoe heightens the appearance of the wearer.

There is no such particular color that defines the elegance of the shoe, it all depends on the sense of styling. Following the fashion trend will uplift the styling boundaries, it can create numerous combinations of the shoes with the outfits. You can buy different styles and colors from our official website. We hand paint every pair of shoes and creates the combination that elevates the personality of the man who wears them.

Does the material of the double monk strap shoes matter?

The most crucial element of shoe construction is choosing the right leather. Well-constructed leather shoes will tightly hold the feet and give comfort to the wearer. The shoe is made of leather only from the upper to the inner lining of the shoe leather plays an important part. The upper of the shoe is made of high-quality full-grain leather and the inner lining is made of soft leather that gives comfort to the person who wears it. The insole is also smartly padded to provide the highest quality and comfort you can buy from our official website.

Double monk strap shoes paired with a sock? or No sock?

Depending on the environment and occasion, both the sock and no-sock look is acceptable. Following the trend will increase the fashion sense and you will be able to pair your double monk strap socks with both socks and without socks. 

Wear socks whenever you’re off for a more formal event and gathering. If you work in a corporate world, having client meetings, or attending a gala event, always pair your monk shoes with the socks. Choosing the right socks is another sense of styling that you should create a combination of socks with your attire.  

No socks look is another world of fashion here you must be trendy. Without socks, you must have to wear custom-fitted clothes. For example, you must trim your chinos, pants and, jeans at least 1 inch above the ankle to do justice to the no sock look. Always remember to ensure that you have a slight break at the end of your pants. Your pants must be perfectly fitted and must be taken care of. A person will grab the attention of the people around making a style statement.

Here are some combinations of Business casual & double monk strap shoes

 A navy blue cardigan and classic chinos over a white dress shirt. Once you put on a pair of these elegant vintage grey dual-color double strap monks, you will be the best dressed in any office gathering or business conference. You can either put on a tie this combination goes well with or without tie-wearing double monk strap shoes with a suit. If the weather starts to warm up, lose the cardigan and the tie. You have an entirely new look while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Put a grey V-neck sweater similar to the shoe color, over a white dress shirt and a pair of blue dress pants. You have a fabulous match for your vintage grey monk strap shoes. You can elevate the formality of this look by including a tie.

 Navy blue dress pants and a light blue dress shirt with no tie will add an extra sharp look with these pair of double monk straps you can buy from our official website.


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