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When it comes to style, brogues are must-have shoes in a gentleman’s wardrobe. The Oxford brogue shoes are smart-fashionable footwear. The unique perforations and patterned detailings add a luxury style statement to the Oxford brogue shoes. A specific traditional pattern and color have been hand-casted on the footwear. The light nude color gives a contrast to the rich dark brown shade of the shoes to create uniqueness in these elegant dress shoes.

These dual-color Oxford brogue shoes are trendy, with their classic silhouette and decorations they are the exhibition of timeless style. The dress shoe itself is an art, every pair is hand-painted by expert artisans. This shoe is a must-have footwear for every gentleman who is pursuing the trend. The dual color decoration of the shoe makes them paired up with many smart-casual and formal wear styles.

The perforations on the shoes give an appeal to the shoes. The handcrafted appearance of the shoes complements each other that increases confidence and adds class to a man’s overall personality.

We are committed to creating an inspirational color of nature with quality leather, lighter weights, perforations, and slimmer silhouettes. These oxford brogue shoes formulate a unique style statement in the fashion industry.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted American Tan Patina.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


Brogue Oxford shoes refer to the decorations. The perforations designed on the footwear give these dress shoes a luxurious style statement. Traditionally these vents or perforations were for functionality, they intended to allow water to run through the footwear when used in wet grounds. The design has emerged over the decade and presently the perforations are mostly for decoration on the shoes. The brogues are characterized by a closed lacing system which is known as Oxford brogue shoes.


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How to wear Oxford Brogues for men?

When it comes to gentleman’s shoes, the oxford brogue shoes are a must-have style. Not just smart, they are the most fashionable luxury shoes that a man could own. The unique perforations add interest and excitement to any outfit. Tan and Taw will take you through the exhibitions of this classic footwear style and how you can wear them for a luxurious-fashionable look.

Oxford brogues with pants

One of the fabulous things about oxford brogue shoes is that you can comfortably dress them up or down. To dress up this combination of oxford brogues, try dressing them in a stylish pair of tailored-fit suit pants or trousers and an oxford shirt and blazer. The style appears more sophisticated than casual. A slimmer silhouette in this classic color dark brown and nude will look fashionable.

Oxford brogues with chinos

The oxford brogue shoes blend greatly with chinos to form a smart-casual look. As oxford brogue shoes lend themselves admirably to a smart casual dress, they harmonize well with chinos, which are naturally elegant yet comfortable. To drive the combination trendy, the dual-tone color of the shoes can be contrasted with pastels colored chinos. Then, finish your look with a linen oxford shirt, add a blazer if you wish, and cuff your chinos to show off your ankles and chunky brogues.

Oxford brogues with jeans

Due to their perforated character, oxford brogue shoes appear stylish with custom-fitted jeans. The world is trendier than ever and many color options are available in jeans. Try to pair pastel shades of jeans with the contrasting color of oxford brogues. The dark brown and nude color dress shoes will create a statement look. Just remember to trim your jeans so that the ankles are visible and take the fashion game to the next level with semi brogue shoes.

Oxford brogues with Business casuals

Oxford brogue shoes are a type of dress shoe for men, so they are pretty formal. The shoes are dressy with classy perforations and unique decorations. The detailing makes them slightly more casual than a traditional Oxford or derby. A very gentlemanly way of dressing oxford brogues is to pair them with your two and three-piece suits. A light color on top and dark base adds luxury to the smart-business apparel. A formal suit with a darker color when paired with the mirror-finished oxford brogues, it creates a luxury statement look.

How to wear Oxford brogues?
  • Select oxford brogue shoes with many perforations for casual outfits and with fewer perforations to keep them formal.
  • Pick the type of oxford brogue shoes that suit your style, outfit, and the event for which you are dressing.
  • Dress up oxford brogue shoes by picking a slim pair in this classic color and pair up with a tailored suit.
  • Pair light-colored chinos with these classic oxford brogue shoes and a button-up shirt for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.
  • Dress oxford brogue shoes with fitted dark blue jeans and a polo T-shirt and blazer for a stylish, smart-casual look.
  • A killing combo for summers is pairing these beautiful oxford brogue shoes with shorts. Ditch the socks and wear shorts just above your knee.

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