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With its dressy look, Oxford brogue shoes men refer to the details. The perforations designed on the shoes give these elegant dress shoes a luxurious style statement. Traditionally these holes or perforations were for functionality, their purpose was to allow water to run through the footwear when used in wet terrains.

The design has evolved over the decade and now the perforations are mostly for decoration on the shoes. The brogues are characterized by a closed lacing system and are known as Oxford brogue shoes. The design features a full-perforation on the shoes and thus, called wingtip brogue shoes men.

The color of the shoes is the inspirational color of nature, the dark wooden color contrasts with the deep sea blue color of the shoes. The two tone brogues give a dressier look to the gentleman and make this footwear the most wardrobe essential footwear. The oxford brogue shoes are the most trendy, styled with many smart-casual and formal wear outfits.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Firefox Patina.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


Broguing is an ornament of shoes. Oxford brogue shoes men are versatile and fashionable, and they make an outfit interestingly trendy. With unique perforations, these shoes are dressier. These shoes can substitute ordinary leather dress shoes for any apparel. Oxford brogues will elevate the personality of the wearer in any occasion and environment. 

You look fashionable or not is your way of dressing. With oxford brogue shoes, consider these points to make sure you are styling correctly. Oxford brogue shoes can be both dressed up and down according to the environment. A no-sock look is a trendier one because this will give the brogues a cleaner look. A sock look can be more suited for a formal event.


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Why choose tan and taw’s oxford brogue shoes men?

This is one of the best subjects because just to heighten the appearance, a gentleman should not compromise on the comfort and quality of the shoes. Here at tan and taw, we keep comfort a top priority, we have developed a soft padded, cushioned insole. The insole is the inside base of the shoes, where a man’s foot lands in the shoes. High-quality leather lining keeping the feet softly intact, our oxford brogues give you the best support you can wear all day long.

 All the comfort will make our Oxford brogues your favorite everywhere go-to shoes. The thick padding is also one of the reasons why brogues are comfortable. We have created dual-tone hand-colored oxford shoes keeping in mind to increase the pairing possibilities with these shoes. All the comfort and quality make the dress shoes become the top preference of any gentleman’s wardrobe, you can buy from our official website.

Tips to wear oxford brogue shoes men.

  • The construction of brogues is time-consuming, with the evolved time the shoes are available in many different styles and perforations. Good quality shoes go longer and give you a more relaxed look.
  • The beautiful decorations on the two tone brogues are perforations called broguing. For a casual outfit choose more perforated shoes and prefer minimal holes for formal events.
  • High-quality full-grain leather is used in making these luxury oxford brogues. 
  • A closed lacing system is the key feature of Oxford brogue shoes.
  • The Dark brown and deep blue color of the shoes goes well with several casual and formal outfits on different occasions.
  • A good pair of oxford brogue shoes can elevate the style of the wearer. Try to pair them with a formal outfit, try to wear shades in contrast with the shoes. Wearing navy suits is an example and practical option for a pair of brogues.
  • The brogue shoes men are versatile, and that implies you can pair them with jeans or shorts for a relaxed look, regardless of the climate.

In how many ways can you wear oxford brogue shoes men?

  • As a college outfit Oxford brogues have evolved in various styles that are now acceptable on formal occasions.
  • With cargo, oxford brogue shoes aren’t too big to avoid looking like you have tiny feet. Cargo goes very well with oxford brogues.
  • A tailored fit grey trousers pair beautifully with oxford brogue shoes men, just make sure that the ankles are visible.
  • A suede jacket and leather brogues create a rich smart-casual outfit that you can try.
  • A pullover and oxford brogues are a perfect casual outfit, match darker denim with lighter upper and you’re good to go.
  • Any good leather or sherpa jacket when paired with oxford leather brogues creates a smart-casual look.
  • A tweed jacket or blazer is a dressier way of looking semi-formal with oxford brogue shoes.
  • A long overcoat on a suit, when paired with oxford brogue shoes gives you a luxury statement look.

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