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What is an Oxford shoes?

Shoes give a class to the wearer. Oxford shoes are possibly the most versatile shoes that a man can own. Oxford shoes are one of the classy and elegant dress shoes and one of the most reliable ones that a man can buy. Oxford is a must-have shoe in the gentleman’s wardrobe, which can be distinguished by neat thin lace over the vamp of the shoe starting from the throat line. This gives the shoes more grip and keeps them well fitted all the time.

Oxford shoes give versatility to the person who wears them, from plain leather to a range of styles that suit every type of formal/casual gathering. Oxfords are the traditional men’s dress shoes that have evolved over the centuries changes have been made to these shoes ranging from the formal lace-ups of the United Kingdom that include blucher and derby to oxford shoes without the seam called Balmoral of Britain. You can buy the most attractive range of oxford shoe footwear online from our official website.

Why would you choose Tan & Taw?

True elegance is built to last forever with timeless and innovative artisanship built throughout the contemporary concept of Tan & Taw’s inspiring values: comfort, quality, and beauty. We have designed an intelligent luxury concept that offers unmatched value-for-money in the high-end fashion industry. Tan & Taw manufactures a variety of Oxford shoes for men that are available in many different styles to suit any occasion and feature a closed lacing system available in several textures you can buy online from our official website.

The characteristics of leather make it especially suitable for the production of footwear. Tan & Taw uses one of the most expensive full-grain or top-grain leather that you can buy exclusively from our online store. Presently a variety of leather is available in the market, and we use the most popular one, calfskin leather to make high-quality men’s Oxford shoes, Tan & Taw offers a collection of pure luxury at an affordable price point you can buy from our online store.

What is the Characteristic of the oxford shoes?

 Oxford shoes are distinguished by their toe styles: plain toe, cap toe, and wingtips. 

There are three main characteristics of oxford shoes for men. Oxford style shoes have a Closed lacing that is sewed under the upper front part of the shoe. Oxfords have a lower heel than traditional boots with high heels to give Oxford the comfort of walking. Oxford formal shoes feature a low ankle cut, which makes the wearer show either bare ankle or colorful socks. The different varieties of Oxford shoes that you can buy online from us are Wholecuts, Wingtips, and perforations.

How to style Oxford shoes?

Tan & Taw’s designs meet the comfort to discover the best oxford shoe style that suits sophisticated tastes as well as semi-formal looks for men. Our classic Oxford dress shoes paired best with a suit, pants, or trousers adding a touch of retro-chic to your outfit. The aesthetic of classic oxford shoes is detailed and sleek. Our wingtip Oxford shoe is another style of the category, the color pattern goes from dark bottom to lighter upper shade giving the resemblance of sunset, sometimes we make some particular designs either on the toe of the shoes or on the sides, these perforations that are made on the shoes are called broguing, you can check out the collection online on our official website. Our brogues style best with formal attires, like tuxedos for men.

Tan & Taw’s wholecut Oxford shoes style is an ideal choice that can also work for a well-dressed casual function whether you’re off to a wedding, cocktail event, dinner, or even work. Our Wholecut Oxford shoes are meant to nail the look, selection of the right style with the right colored Oxfords is all you need to do, and select the perfect pair for you on our official website.

Styling up in a smart-casual look

Tan & Taw’s Oxford dress shoes can also be styled with chinos by choosing a perfect color for each pair to keep the outfit coordinated with shoes. For a gentleman, a good pair of tan oxford shoes, black oxford shoes, and brown oxford shoes can easily be paired with chinos in white, navy, brown, charcoal, or black. On top of everything, you have a choice to buy whatever you want to wear. You can also try a long-sleeve button-up for a dressed-up look, or you may consider a short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt for a more relaxed yet high on fashion look.

Oxford footwear is a style icon also known as oxford dress shoes, but that doesn’t restrict them from getting paired with jeans. You can check out the collection online on our website. Leather oxfords styled with a good pair of jeans gives the wearer an outstanding personality. Denim looks seriously dashing when rightly matched with the contrast of the men’s leather oxford shoes a man can buy. Blue denim can easily be paired with tan oxford shoes and brown oxford shoes, while the darker pair can be paired with white and light-colored jeans. The above look gets completed with a buttoned shirt with a blazer on top.

Oxfords are comfortable

Tan and Taw’s prime objectives are quality and comfort, a high-quality leather is used with a thick padded insole to provide a comfort a man finds worth buying. Oxford shoes sit under your ankle, have a lower heel, and have a closed lacing system. Our research and development team took comfort very seriously level and designed the heel of the sock inside the shoes, such that it gives a snug fit a man can buy. For any trendy person, Oxfords can be worn both formally and semi-formally, he must invest in an excellent pair of Tan & Taw’s oxford shoes.

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