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The most distinguished wholecut oxford shoes are noticeable due to it’s sleek and streamlined appearance. A wholecut shoe is handcrafted using a single piece of leather and has only one seam at the heel of the shoes. The color is deep dark brown with wooden grains, wholecut oxford shoes India. The inspiration comes from the natural dark wood of the environment.


Interestingly, wholecut shoes traditionally are a type of oxford shoes. A shoe that manifests unparalleled functionality and sturdiness. The high-end wholecut shoes are an example of craftsmanship, and we have both skills and materials required to make them.

The intelligently crafted footwear has a soft leather lining and a thick padded insole to give the wearer a snug fit and a comfort to wear the whole day long. A high-quality anti-skid material has been used in making the sole of these shoes. To elevate the luxury of the wholecut oxford dress shoes, we’ve hand-painted the sole of the shoes to give them a statement look. We have the most luxurious and comfortable oxford shoes India, that you can buy online from our official website. 

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Deep Dark Wood.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.
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A wholecut oxford shoes are one of the most desirable shoes of every gentleman who loves minimalism. It’s a challenging task and a more precise line in footwear to carve the silhouette of a well-designed wholecut shoe. Although wholecut oxford shoes India, are very anatomically alike to Oxford shoes, they have one very major difference. 

Wholecut shoes are so-called because the shoe is carved from a single piece of impeccable leather. The wholecut shoes have just a single seam at the back of the shoe above the heel. The footwear is hard to last because there are no seams on the upper part of the shoe. The minimalist design of wholecut shoes features a closed lacing system. 

How versatile, wholecut oxford shoes India?

The classic, streamlined look of wholecut shoes advances itself well to a variety of outfits. We think they work expressly well as formal shoes, either for work or for social occasions. The wholecut shoes are meant to nail the personality of the wearer. Work for many means suits, ties, and formal wear- the oxford wholecut shoes are the most trendy. 

Because of their sleek design, the wholecut shoes go well with any formal outfit, and they aren’t too showy to upset a traditionalist boss. And if culture is your thing, then you’ll love a wedding, the perfect occasion for your wholecut oxford shoes India, a sleek line style can make a very positive modern style statement with minimalism.


How to choose the right size, wholecut oxford shoes India?

The perfect shoe doesn’t exist for a person but a perfect size does. When you are buying wholecut oxford shoes India, from our official website, make sure you select the right size. A right shoe gives a snugger fit and they mould themselves to your feet. The leather will stretch slightly when you wear them for the first few times. 

When to wear, wholecut oxford shoes India?

Wholecut shoes are versatile shoes, they can be paired from most formal to smart casual outfits. More formal suiting and ties are the preferred choices for a gentleman. 

To elevate the trendiness in the personality of the wearer, pair these beautiful wholecut shoes with ethnic Indian wear. Weddings are a more prominent way to unleash your inner-traditional style with a classy look. 

The pretty straightforward Indian men’s ethnic wear can be elevated by these elegant and luxurious men’s wholecut shoes. Pairing these beautiful shoes with traditional clothes is the new trend that creates a style statement. You can buy different styles and colors from our official website. 

 Why our Dark-Wood color, oxford shoes India?

We have crafted a minimalistic shoe that is high on the fashion trend. Each pair is exquisitely hand-made and hand-colored took several days of the most exceptional craftsmanship. This Wholecut oxford is a fashionable minimal shoe that is also handy. We have also kept in the subconscious the shoe should be affordable, making it an excellent purchase. The whole cut is the preferred shoe option due to its simplistic style and easy flexibility. Providing all these palettes of luxury in leather men’s wholecut dress shoes and affordable prices differentiates Tan and Taw from other kinds. 

We use the most flawless single piece of leather that is exclusively hand-picked. The coloring of the shoe is an art that is done by our traditional artisans. The finest sturdy material is used in making the outsole of the shoes, an extra layer is added to the outsole to give balance and an anti-slip feature to the shoes. 

To increase the comfort of the shoes we have intelligently created an insole with thick padding. The inner lining of the shoe is made with soft leather to provide a rich comfort to the feet, it also gives a snug fit that you can wear your shoes for a whole day long. We have the most comfortable oxfords that you can buy online from our official website.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 13 cm

EU 41, EU 42, EU 43, EU 44

Bottom Sole

7mm, Tunit


Tan & Taw


Hand Painted, Patina, Wood


1 Inch, Wooden with rubber

Inner Lining

0.8 – 1 mm, Leather

Inner Sole

4 -5 mm padding, Latex, Leather



Leather Type



Genuine Imported Leather

Shoe Upper

1.4 -1.5 mm

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  1. Akash Abhishek

    One word is not enough to describe the beauty of shoes.
    The shoe is terrific. Awesome collection, Want to buy it all soon
    The only little disappointment is packing and brand box.
    Thank you Tan and Taw……… keep posting

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