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The single monk strap shoes have a clean profile and a sleek silhouette. It’s the most subtle footwear that a man can buy. It looks great with formal suits and smart-casual outfits. The single monk shoes are one of the most trendy shoes that a man will find worth buying. The single monk shoes can satisfy a countless number of occasions where a variety of dress codes are needed; from the office, meeting look to business formal, the shoe won’t deter from everyday events.

Are single monk strap shoes still in style?

The most enduring footwear style of men is this bold pair of single monk shoes. Monk shoes had their existence for centuries, and it has struggled over the period to get its position back. Uniqueness in style has been introduced in monk shoes making them one of the most demanding shoes a man can buy. Modern monk shoes have evolved with comfort and sleek silhouette and availability in different color options, monk shoes are back into the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. The Tan and Taw’s collection online has a variety of different color’s tones and textures that you can buy. 

How to style single monk strap shoes?

  • Single monk strap shoes are versatile, which allows them to be paired up easily with smart-casual and trendy outfits. Tailored-fit jeans or chinos nail the look with single monk shoes that you can buy online.
  • Single monk strap shoes go very well with slim-fitted jeans. The sleek shape of the monk strap elevates the personality of men. Darker pair of jeans paired best with the smart-casual outfit, the dual-color collection you can check online on our website.
  • Single monk shoes go very well with office dress, your work fellows notice your sense of style. With so many options to buy from you can bring the magic to your office attire.
  • Single monk strap shoes get nicely paired with smart-casual outfits. A solid color T-shirt or Polo paired with chinos creates a smart-casual style. An aviator elevates the personality even more with this look.
  • The jacket goes well with the Single strap shoes. Jackets are the safer way to look dressier. Pair the monk strap shoes, with a jacket and chinos and a t-shirt inside will create a smart fashionable outfit. 
  • Single monk strap shoes and chinos are made for each other in style. The signature smart-casual look is incomplete without the ankle-length chinos. Chinos are versatile when paired with these elegant monk shoes that create a fashion statement that you can buy online from our official website.
  • Single monk strap shoes paired with shorts create a smart-casual outfit. A knee-length shorts and these elegant pairs of monks when styled together, it nails the summer-relaxed look. Try not to pair up monk shoes with socks.
  • Single monk shoes paired with a two or three-piece suit create a Tan and taw’s signature look. The best way to elevate your personality is to wear suits with these single strap shoes that you can buy online from our official website.

What makes monk strap shoes comfortable?

The most significant support of our shoes is quality and comfort. These hand-made single strap monk shoes are carved with the finest leather. We have designed the monk shoes such that it extends the comfortability of the wearer. The inner lining of the monk shoes is a genuine soft and pure leather shoes that is breathable and durable, the soft lining delivers a snug fit and comfort a man finds worth buying the single monk strap shoes. We have effectively generated a soft quilted cushioned insole that gives you the comfortable feel of wearing sneakers and the comfort is so strong you can wear these shoes the whole day long. The quality and comfort we deliver are the reason to buy these elegant pairs of single monk strap shoes online from our official website.

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