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The Monk shoes are the most enduring footwear style of all time. They are classy and fashionable shoes, a shoe man finds worth buying them. The monk-style shoes are less formal than oxford and derbies, and yet these are preferred by the most top-notch business casual looks enthusiasts. The monk shoes are one of the oldest styles of shoes, yet this footwear is the choice for the modern gentleman. 

The monk strap shoes had its history in the 15th century when it was first made. The shoe was made for the monks who lived in the alps. The shoe covers the full feet to protect the feet from getting cold. It took the shoe a couple of centuries to make its way back to the wardrobe of men. 

What are Monk shoes?

A Monkstrap shoe, as its name defines it, has no lacing system, supported by a thick strap of leather across the vamp of the shoes. The style of the shoe is decided by the way it is fastened. If the shoe is secured using a single buckle it’s called single monk strap shoes and with two buckles, it’s double monk strap shoes. 

The thick straps of the monk-style shoes are an alternative to the lacing system. The straps are adjustable or some of them have elastic support to stretch the straps. The straps can be placed at different angles and spacing between them according to a man’s need. This makes the Monkstrap shoes very comfortable that every man finds worth buying. Monk Strap shoes can be made with some perforations called broguing. These elegant pairs of monk shoes are worth it for a man to purchase.

Single vs Double Monk shoes

The most reasonable question is whether to buy single or double monk strap shoes. Many types of research, debates, and discussions have escalated but it totally depends on the buyer. A man is the master of his own decisions, with so many options available on Tan and Taw’s official website, you can buy online from us.

Both single and double monk strap shoes are versatile which add trendiness to your wardrobe. Single strap monks have sleek silhouettes that make them best suited for business and formal outfits. Meanwhile, the double monk strap shoes are versatile shoes that are the perfect way to flaunt your personality. The elegant appearance goes with several styles, dress up the looks wearing them with suits at formal and business casual occasions and dress down with some shorts above knee length without socks. Explore the online collection of Tan and Taw and find your perfect pair of monk shoes to buy.

Trendy monk shoes on Tan and Taw

  • Single-strap dual-tone monk shoes with lighter tan color. Beautifully handcrafted leather shoes for men add elegance to both formal and casual wear for men.
  • Single strap dual-shade dark brown monk shoes, these are everywhere go-to shoes whether you’re going for a dressy event or business wear. These are worth buying.
  • Antique-colored single monk shoes are one of the statement footwear of tan and taw, which you can buy online. Leather shoes for men pair best with smart-casual outfits.
  • Double strap monk shoes, luxurious Dual red-black shoes that elevate the personality of men. The mirror finish of the shoes makes them trendy shoes that you can buy online on our website.
  • Double strap monk shoes, the most fabulous shoes in our collection. The light grey merging into charcoal color, are the most versatile shoes to buy. Dress them up with a two or three-piece suit to nail the business look. 
  • Walnut color finished like grains of wood, these beautiful hand-painted double monk shoes can be dressed as both the smart-casual and formal look.



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