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A long wing dress shoe is a traditional American style. It is a wingtip brogue where the wingtip elongates to the back of the shoe, instead of down the sole. They also don’t have a toe cap, just edge perforations. When it comes to men’s shoes, the long-wing leather dress shoes are a must-have style. Not just smart, they are the most fashionable luxury shoes that a man could own. The unique perforations add interest and excitement to any outfit. Tan and Taw will take you into the exhibitions of this classic footwear style and how you can wear them for a luxurious-fashionable look. 

How to contrast longwing brogue shoe

  • To dress up longwing brogue shoes in the urban style, you need to channel that contemporary gentleman inside you. Try to follow a similar color palette, grab some streetwear smart clothes like a bomber jacket and a sleek shirt.
  • Longwing shoes go excellently with a nice fitted denim jacket. The catch here is to maintain the color contrast between the footwear and the jacket, to give the overall look a rugged look, add torn jeans.
  • Leather on leather is a style icon look. Pair your elegant long-wing shoes with a beautiful leather jacket to give a smart-casual look to your personality. The longwing brogues and jacket share the same finish and appearance that you can buy.
  • A very modern way for a gentleman to style long wing shoes is to wear them with a suit. They go well with a suit; just keep them polished if you are wearing them for formal places. As men’s longwing shoes were then used to stand the strictness of wetlands, they were made to perfection and became a lot more fashionable like today. You can buy these luxurious dress shoes online from our official website.
  • Longwing shoes are authentic dress shoes, so they are moderately formal. Back then, long wing leather dress shoes were not adequate for formal occasions as they were considered informal shoes. They are charming as the detailing makes them emerge more informal than a classic Oxford or Derby.
  • As university gear, long wing shoes have emerged in numerous vogues to buy that are now satisfactory on formal occasions.
  • With cargo, long wing shoes aren’t too big to avoid looking like you have tiny feet. Cargo pants blend very well with long-wing dress shoes.
  • Tailored-fit grey pants or chinos pair exquisitely with long wing dress shoes, just make sure that the ankles are striking.
  • A suede jacket and long wing shoes express a rich smart-casual outfit that you can try and buy online.
  • A pullover and long wing dress shoes are an excellent casual outfit, match torn jeans with a light shade t-shirt and you’re immeasurable rugged casually styled.
  • Any genuine leather or sherpa coat when matched with long wing shoes creates a smart-casual look.
  • A tweed blazer or jacket is a dressier way of seeming semi-formal with long wing dress shoes.
  • A large overcoat on a suit, when matched with longwing brogue shoes gives you a luxury statement appearance that you want to buy.
  • Styling long-wing dress shoes on your wedding day are tricky. To ensure your outfit would look more sophisticated than casual, buy a chic pair of longwing shoes and dress them with a smart pair of dress pants. You can match them up with a shirt and a tweed blazer.
  • The Longwing shoes blend considerably with chinos to form a smart-casual look. As long wing shoes present themselves admirably to smart-casual apparel, they blend well with chinos, which are casually elegant yet comfortable to buy. To drive the combination trendy, the dual-tone color of the shoes can be differentiated with pastels colored chinos. Then, complete your look with a linen shirt, add a casual blazer if you wish, and cuff your chinos to show off your ankles and chunky long-wing shoes.

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