Steel Grey Penny Loafer

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Penny loafers men’s slip-on shoes with dual-tone vintage steel grey and dark color antique finishes inspired by the old beds of rocks, it has a color like cool steel and below that the deep reflection of its shadow. The color is a true inspiration from nature. Hand-painted loafers for men uplift the elegance creating a unique color that is a style statement. Each pair of men’s penny loafers has a unique hue and polish that represents the craftsmanship of artisans.

These steel-grey penny loafer leather shoes come off as immensely stylish and gorgeous. They have a sleek silhouette and slim designed tip, and the dark-colored outsole complements the vintage grey with shade and adds a bit of color blocking. The light tan-colored insoles bring life to the shoes, these fashionable footwear are recommended because of the style statement that it creates and the comfort it offers.

Some of its main features include:

  1. Hand-painted Steel Grey.
  2. Unique dual-strap monk design.
  3. Soft padded comfort insole.
  4. Imported hand-picked leather.
  5. Soft leather lining.
  6. Durable sole with beautiful color.
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Need loafers for men: Casual?Formal?Cool?Versatile?

The answer to each of these questions is Tan & Taw’s Loafer. No pair of shoes is more comfortable with the wardrobe of the modern man than a Loafer. We smartly hand color all loafers for men taking inspiration from nature. Our loafer’s creation is such that when paired with the right clothes you’ll find a shoe for every occasion.

Modern loafer’s additions focus more on the quality and comfort of the shoes. Here at Tan & Taw, we hand-make every pair of shoes that reflects craftsmanship. 

Loafers for men as formal wear?

Tan and taw’s loafers are made such that they suit every occasion. Our dual-tone loafers are intelligently made such that you can pair them up with formal suits or semi-formal wear like a blazer. Dress smartly is the key to every formal event, wearing a loafer will enhance your personality.

A man who is dressed is ready to impress. The future of formal wear is very trendy and with the dual-tone grey penny loafer shoes you can buy from us, any formal dress can be easily paired up.  

Loafers for men to complete your smart look

In recent years loafers have become the style statement. A loafer is a must-have shoe in a male’s wardrobe. No matter what your age is, whether you are in college or a professional career, loafers are your all-time savior. Our loafers are smartly dual hand-painted so that it enhances your personality.

The leather used by us is hand-picked from the best countries. The fine materials are gathered from around the globe just to deliver comfort and quality, that is the main objective of tan and taw. Shining loafers add a luxury to the wearer’s personality that puts everyone’s eye on you.

How comfortable are the loafers for men?

This is one of the best questions because just to enhance the appearance, a wearer should not compromise on the comfort and quality of the shoes. Here at tan and taw, we keep comfort a top priority, we have developed a soft cushioned insole. The insole is something that a man’s feet rest on the whole day long. Soft leather lining keeping the feet softly intact, our loafers give you the best comfort you can wear the whole day.

All the comfort will make our loafers your favorite everywhere go-to shoes. The easy slip-on is also one of the reasons why these loafers for men are comfortable. We have created dual-tone hand-colored loafers keeping in mind to increase the pairing options with these shoes. All the comfort and quality make the loafers become the top priority of any person’s wardrobe.

How to style up loafers for men

We have designed minimalistic yet high on fashion designs that are available in various colors on our official website. 

Once you’ve selected the loafers, the next step is how to style them. Loafer shoes can be paired smartly with a polo t-shirt and jeans if you want to keep things relaxed. Loafers with denim allow you to wear your favorite jeans in a more fashionable and dressier way. Ripped, selvage and washed jeans are all suitable too. Contrasting colors should also complement each other.

Loafers with chinos and a shirt add a little more class. Event nights and functions like that are perfect for the chino and loafer combination. 

Another favorite is the fancy loafer shoes and blazer combination, playing in the smart-casual territory. Both double and single-breasted blazers will work as well as jeans, chinos, and trousers.

Loafers are always paired best with a well-fitted suit. The length of the trousers should be at the ankle. Both the sock and no-sock look goes well with the loafers when paired up with a suit, you can buy loafer shoes online from our official website. The sockless look has been trendy lately, so it’s totally your choice how you’re pairing them up. 

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 13 cm

EU 41, EU 42, EU 43, EU 44


Tan & Taw

Bottom Sole

7mm, Tunit


Grey, Hand Painted, Patina


1 Inch, Wooden with rubber

Inner Lining

0.8 – 1 mm, Leather

Inner Sole

4 -5 mm padding, Latex, Leather



Leather Type



Genuine Imported Leather

Shoe Upper

1.4 -1.5 mm

1 review for Steel Grey Penny Loafer

  1. Apoorva Bansal

    Being the owner of a resorts chain, I always had a thing for shoes..
    Came across your shoe collection and loved the color combinations
    Tried and tested your shoes, you guys are doing great, such wonderful shoes
    And costing is also nice. I am going to make a collection of your brand,
    Please work on your brand box quality, and delivery

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