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Loafer shoes


Over the years designers have improved this casual slipper to achieve a higher level of formality. The Loafers are highly fashionable and one of the most demanding shoes. Loafer shoes now have a wide range of formalities from casual to dapper.

The most definitive characteristics of loafer shoes are their ability to slip on and off. In today’s fast-growing world, time is highly valued, people love to buy these loafer shoes because it is easier to wear them. No buckles and no laces mean a sleek and cleaner look. Loafer shoes are more casual by their nature, you can wear them with or without socks.

Loffer shoes are suitable for smart-casual looks, either with a full suit or a tailored outfit. This footwear is sturdier, made with high-quality leather, these loafers will also wear well over the years. The comfort of your shoes is determined by how your feet drape in them. Comfort is the leading element of an excellent experience. And loafer slip-on shoes give just that, with the right amount of allurement and style. Since the loafers can be paired with or without socks, it is advised to buy the right size accordingly. 

Tan and Taw have an extensive collection of versatile Loafer shoes online. Let’s see the many ways we can style them:

  • Loafer shoes can fire up the formal wear outfits. To elevate the formal wear, the key is to choose the right loafers from our collection and rock the look with the contrasting color of a two or three-piece suit. The leather we use adds luxe and dimension to your outfit. When you are going for sharp well-suited attire, stick to the loafers. Loafer shoes are the most versatile and are complementary to your outfit when combined with business formals.
  • Loafers are the perfect partner to the most durable of all-time classic jeans. Jeans are an excellent option for comfort wear, skinny fit jeans go very handy with loafer shoes. Neither too slim nor too baggy, jeans are the perfect silhouette to complement your loafer shoes. With traditional slip-on shoes, jeans make for a casual yet chic combination. Dressing casually is also a sense of styling; it does not mean dressing sloppily. So make sure the rest of your outfit is buffed to avoid appearing off-the-cuff. For a more refined aesthetic, pick our leather loffer shoes online with your torn jeans. You can always dress up the look by adding a blazer, it offers a more rugged appearance men should go for. 
  • Loafers and chinos go hand in hand. Loafers and chinos can also make a fantastic alliance. As both chinos and loafers throw a relaxed yet cultured aesthetic, wearing them together delivers an excellent smart-casual appearance. Chinos are the ideal ways to look neither too dressed up nor too casual with loafer shoes. Wear your chinos with a polo t-shirt or opt for striped shirts. Put your color palette in somber colors like white, beige, and yellow to highlight your loafer shoes. Don’t skip about length, either. Chinos that are too large will appear disordered with loafers, so stick to scuffed or slightly trimmed styles to make the most of these trendy chinos while loafers can offer a sophisticated touch. 
  • Our Loafer shoes add elegance when paired with Indian wear. This is a complicated business, but when styled right, can do miracles for your style recreation. Whether it’s dhoti or tailored-fit trousers, loose salwar, or a pathani suit, you look amazing with slip-on shoes. For a more high-end celebratory look, explore our loafers collection online, wear a velvet bandh gala blazer with stole and leather loafers. Add a small jeweled brooch to add a touch of elegance to the outfit. Loafers are meant to add elegance to the Indian-wear look, with so many options to buy, you can explore tan and taw’s official website online. 

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