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Leather shoes are the oldest art that no one knew when they first started. The earliest find was during excavation in an American cave by archaeologists in 2010, the shoes found were estimated to be 5500 years old.

Leather is now the basic modern essential of the fashion industry. New technological advancements have increased the quantity and quality of leather production. The premium leathers are used to display the status and luxurious personality of men. The Leather shoe is more comfortable and better suited for different weathers and occasions. The evolution in designs and styles makes footwear versatile and with so many options to buy them online.   

The material used at Tan and Taw to make a Leather shoe

A wide variety of leather is used to make shoe uppers and it’s not easy to differentiate between these types. With years of experience and learning, we have selected the best leather to develop our shoes, which is full-grain grain leather. The tanning of leather affects the quality of shoes, so keeping that in mind we specifically use vegan tanned leather hides. The natural ingredients used in the process result in a higher lux of shoes that you can buy from our official website if you are looking for formal shoes online. 

Leather shoes play a crucial role in every outfit. After all, the right footwear can immediately make or break your style. So, if you want to appear trendy, it’s necessary to have the right shoes. A perfect pair will complete and complement your every outfit. Luckily, we can point you and your feet in the right way, check out our online store, and choose different styles to buy. From running jobs to attending a formal event, we have narrowed down a selection of fashionable shoes that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe. With so so many options to buy from, you can visit our official website.

The different styles of leather shoe

  • The Oxford leather shoe is characterized by its bold closed lacing system, unlike some other shoes. The original design was a plain shoe, with evolution in style and fashion, the oxford shoes are now nailing every formal and casual style in the fashion industry and are known as the trendiest shoes. The detailing and perforation separate the oxford shoes from the other types that you can buy from our website.
  • Monk shoe or monk strap leather shoes is a style that has existed between us for centuries. The shoe features single or multiple straps and buckles that secure the feet of men. The monk shoes don’t have a traditional lacing system. Monks are the most versatile shoes that a man can buy when you are looking for an alternative to shape his personality. The luxurious monk shoes add a personal touch to your suits and business-casual looks.
  • Perforations on the leather shoes are the decorative holes in the upper of shoes called broguing. The holes and perforations in brogues were originally there to help drain water but now they elevate the beauty and luxury of the shoes. A variety of perforations on leather shoes is available on our website, pair this beautiful footwear with different outfits in formal and smart-casual style a man finds worth buying.
  • Slip-on leather shoes have sartorial elegance also known as loafer shoes. The streamlined shoe style has no laces and is very effective in dressing smart. Some of the main features of slip-on shoes are exposed ankles, separate sole, low heel and moccasin-like upper vamp. The shoe is considered the most comfortable shoe, it is easily paired up in smart formal outfits, perfect wedding wear, and pairs best with casual leather shoes for men. Explore the collection on our website and find different styles to buy.

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