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Walnut-finished wooden Formal Leather Shoes come with a glossy exterior with an impeccable shiny finish. Practically double monk shoes strap style closure design is Rich and classy with tan-colored insoles with the golden embellishments on the monk style straps are perfect footwear with versatile features. An exclusive design with expert craftsmanship to create handcrafted men’s shoes focused on top quality, lighter weights, slimmer silhouettes, textures, and colors inspired by nature.

Walnut with wooden colored shoes gives you the feeling of wearing shoes made of wood. Practically the shoes resemble the grain of the natural wood and thus creating a style icon that makes it popular and this is because of their multi-purpose fashion statement that a wearer can make. These formal double monk shoes are hand-painted each shoe gives a feeling of the exclusiveness of wearing something unmatched.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Walnut Wood.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.


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So why double monk shoes?

Monk shoes have been around for several hundred years. Monk started with traditional wore old school sandals with buckles when working and have open toes. With years of modification fully-covered monk strap shoes are made to add some extra protection and warmth feel.

The style has gained its popularity back with some added aesthetics that gives them a more elegant look.

Why tan and taw’s double monk shoes?

First up, this is a unique monk shoe and popular due to its versatility. They go with nearly everything and suit a dressy environment. Each pair is handmade and went through several hours of craftsmanship. Hand-painting every pair of shoes is an art, we have expert artisans having several years of experience in traditionally hand painting shoes.

These double strap dress shoes are an artist’s choice and a style icon. The inner lining of the shoe is made with soft leather that gives comfort and warmth to the wearer. The insole of the shoe is developed such that the wearer feels the comfort of the shoes and could wear the shoe the whole day long.

So there you have it. If you want that bit of extra pop or visual interest, or edge to an attire, buy a pair of monk shoes from our official website.

What are the best color double monk shoes for you?

Which color of monk strap shoe is best suited for you, it can vary a little depending on the person and the season. For now, we would go with double strap monk shoes. Visually they are a bit more interesting. Though single buckles are not far, we love the sleek and minimalistic look of the double strap monks. The buckle of the monk strap also plays an important role such that it compliments the color of the shoes, and gives a jewel look to the trendy shoes. 

How to style double monk shoes? 

One of the best accompaniments to the monk double strap shoe is a well-tailored suit. These beautifully hand-crafted leather monk strap shoes are meant to be styled with the best combination of suits to acquire a luxurious look.

With royal blue color, the shoe enhances the look of the wearer and makes a style statement. The pair goes very well with every color of the suit because of the smartly painted color of the shoes.

Monk strap shoes, when rightly paired, with jeans can replace your regular loafers and casual shoes. Ditch your loafers or trainers and make a bold statement wearing these beautifully hand-crafted luxury shoes with dark skinny denim. The smart-casual look is created when we pair the monk shoes with a white collared t-shirt. Styling is an art and you can explore all the monk shoes from our official website.

Chinos are the tie-breaker style between the formal and casual look. Whenever you’re going for a semi-casual event, wear a chino with these elegant double strap monk shoes. Chinos are another way to add versatility to the shoe styling. 

The smart-casual look is another style statement, when paired with a buttoned shirt and well-fitted trousers and blazer the leather double monk shoes enhance the looks of the wearer. 

For office work outfits, it is best to stick to a neutral palette of color. Combine these leather double monk strap shoes with beige trousers or chinos and a white shirt. In colder weather, try rolled tailored fit trousers paired with double monk buckle shoes, a neutral button-down formal shirt, and a blazer.

 Well-tailored suiting separates, structured attire and details like ties or pocket squares elevate the double strap monk shoes to elegant business attire. Monk shoes enhance the personality, So whether you are out for business meetings or conferences always look forward to our luxurious best double monk shoes.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 13 cm

EU 42, EU 43, EU 44, EU 45


Tan & Taw

Bottom Sole

7mm, Tunit


Hand Painted, Patina, Wood


1 Inch, Wooden with rubber

Inner Lining

0.8 – 1 mm, Leather

Inner Sole

4 -5 mm padding, Latex, Leather



Leather Type



Genuine Imported Leather

Shoe Upper

1.4 -1.5 mm

1 review for Walnut Finish Wooden

  1. Rachit Sir

    Luxury Affordable shoes
    I usually don’t buy shoes from online websites but I don’t regret buying this pair. They are extremely comfortable with good support for your soles. The sides lining is also very good and does not lead to any kind of blistering that happens with wearing new leather shoes.
    This color combination and shine is the most appreciated on my wedding
    Thank you for recommending the shoes. 🙂

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