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Tan & Taw understands the needs of their customers, with self-created smart infrastructure and skilled partners, we deliver pairs of shoes in a period between 5-10 days in a free shipping. You can also choose express shipping which delivers in 3 days at your doorstep.

SIZE ISSUE: In the case of any size issue, we should be notified within 2 days after the delivery of the shoes( We are available 7 days on both call and WhatsApp between 10 am to 6 pm). A customer is required to ship the order back to our hub at the address mentioned below, at his own cost. The exchange will only be done a single time per customer. Once an exchange is processed and done there will be no other exchange on the product by the customer, no further claims regarding size issue will be entertained. However in case of a wrong product being shipped from our end(Which is rare), we shall re-ship the correct product.


*Note from us: Once the exchange is availed, no refund or exchange is possible post that.




CONTACT- +91 – 95 77 99 88 33

Tan & Taw has certain conditions* and a pre-check confirmation* process, even after that, a refund is only possible in case of a manufacturing defect. We need to be notified within 2 days after the delivery of the shoes. A refund can be given as both store credit or directly credited to your bank account whichever you choose. ( Original payment mode will be preferred first for a refund). 

Tan & Taw has a smart system and the shoes can be Refunded only in the following conditions:

    • We use a smart interactive system where a customer is treated as a guest and served with comfort and convenience. We have linked the system with WhatsApp, when an order has been placed, within 1-2 days we send a confirmation message on WhatsApp, the order is processed further, if the customer confirms the order.

    •  Further, a detailed video of the shoe’s pre-packed condition is sent to the customer for further confirmation. A customer is only allowed till this process to cancel his/her order.

    • A raw video of the product and its packaging condition is sent to a customer to make sure that before packing the product’s quality is intact.

    • Shoes are brand new and are completely unused, which means that there should not be any kind of scratch or marks on the Outer-sole, Inner-sole, and Upper of the shoes.

    • The product should be packed exactly in the original packaging condition just like in the video sent to you on Whatsapp.

    • It is Mandatory for customers to make an unboxing video in well-lit condition, starting the video by taking all the sides of the packaging followed by opening the packaging and the brand box and taking out shoes, and checking for any marks and defects. (All the shots should be covered in one single continuous video, only then a video should be considered). Refund will be considered after watching the video made by the customer according to the guidelines provided* and once the shoe reaches the hub, a quality check will be operated on the shoes, only after then it will be decided a refund should be eligible.

    • For return reasons, Tan & Taw advise you to please take great care of shoes, when you first try on your shoes to avoid leather marking and other sole stains. If you are trying to judge the size/fit of the shoes, please walk on a carpet or a clean surface to avoid sole scars. Please wear a thin sock or sheet before trying on the shoes. The replacement of the shoes takes 1-2 weeks (subject to availability), we will always do our best to facilitate the replacement.

    • If the shoe does not pass for the exchange/ refund conditions as stated above, the customer will be accountable to pay two-way shipping and handling charges.

    • All damages on freight issues should be communicated within 48 hours along with the images to review transit reasons with third-party courier partners.

    • For further details, you’re most welcome to reach us through contact us, to know more about how to make an unboxing video and quality check video or how to check shoe size check our blog page.

After collecting your order, our customer care will contact you to confirm the order from either of the sources: via email, phone, and Whatsapp. If you do not answer our order confirmation attempts, your order will be auto-canceled within 72 hours of order placement.

If you wish to cancel your order, please email us or call or WhatsApp us at before your order video is sent to you by our team through WhatsApp. Once we have packed the order for dispatch after confirmation, we won’t be able to accept any cancellation requests. You can modify your order only once at the moment of the confirmation call or WhatsApp.

  • To maintain the beauty of your shoes, we recommend you follow these guidelines for their care:-

    • Always use a shoehorn when you put shoes on.

    • To allow the leather fibers to air and rest, whenever you come from outside always put your shoes in a well-ventilated area before setting them back to their closed rack.

    • Always try to insert shoetrees in the shoes after use or if not possible then you can insert anything inside of it just to preserve its shape.

    • Keep your shoes in the boxes provided and store them in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

    • Never dry your leather shoes in direct sunlight let them dry in the shade and well ventilated environment, wipe the leather with a soft cotton cloth, use a leather shoe conditioner to let the leather nourish itself. When the leather is dry, apply a quality colorless cream and polish in circular motions with a soft cotton cloth.

    • Avoid contact with water and other liquids, anything alcohol-based (perfumes, solvents, etc.) or oil (make-up), and harsh products in general. 

    • If the shoes accidentally come in contact with water it is important before cleaning them to allow them to dry thoroughly on shoe trees, away from any source of heat.

    • Let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quickly as dry sole leather.
Warranty terms and conditions

Tan & Taw strives for your wonderful experience by giving the most in comfort and luxury in the best quality shoes. Just in case, if a pair misses from our strict quality control, be assured – your purchase is backed by 7 days replacement on manufacturing defects. 

3 months* warranty on outsole only, from the date of purchase.  

Our warranty covers defects in materials (leather and all embellishments) and craftsmanship. Our leather is a natural material, therefore you can expect some natural and unique features such as creases, variations in color, and/or small scars. You can expect your leather to wear, darken or fade in color and receive scratches and imperfections throughout its lifespan, we don’t consider these as manufacturing defects.

Warranty Exclusion and Limitations

Any claims associated with the below list are not considered manufacturing defects and are therefore not covered by our warranty. A fee may be applicable for any repair work.

Wear and tear from normal daily use such as:
  • Worn edges and corners
  • Softening of the leather
  • Natural wrinkles
  • Natural and expected darkening or fading of materials
  • Stains and spills
  • Improper conditioning and cleaning
  • Stretching from wearing/usage
  • Damage from continued usage and friction
  • Linings, buckles, and zippers that are ripped or worn from normal daily use
Abuse, misuse, neglect, or accidental damage such as:
  • Damaged buckles from incorrect use or tampering
  • Airline or third-party damage and mishandling
  • Loss, theft, or intentional damage
  • Gashes, rips, scratches, or tears
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Third-party alterations or repairs
  • Mother Nature event damage from: 
    • Animal
    • Fire
    • Weather

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