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Broguing is an embellishment of shoes. Oxford brogues are versatile and elegant, and they make an outfit interestingly trendy. With unique perforations, these shoes are more fashionable. These shoes can replace ordinary leather dress shoes in any attire. An Oxford brogue shoe will elevate the character of the men in any occasion and atmosphere. Tan and Taw’s collection of brogues are comfortable and worth buying. 

You look fashionable or not, is your way of dressing, you want to buy. With oxford brogues, contemplate these points to make sure you are styling precisely. An Oxford brogue shoe can be both dressed up and down according to the circumstances. The Oxford brogues are the trendiest pair of shoes men want to buy, with their traditional silhouette and perforations they are the display of timeless style. A no-sock look is a more fashionable one because this will give the brogues a more definite look for men. A sock look can be more satisfactory for a man if he is going for a formal event.

Gentleman’s Oxford brogue shoe?

Meanwhile, it relinquishes gentleman’s shoes, oxford brogue shoes are a must-have style for men. Not just smart, they are the most popular luxury shoes that a man could buy. The unique perforations add attention and excitement to any attire. The Tan and Taw will take you into the displays of this classic footwear vogue and how you can wear them for a luxurious-chic look.


About our oxford brogue shoe

  • The production of oxford brogues is time-consuming, with the emerging time the shoes are available in countless styles and perforations. Immeasurable quality shoes go longer and give you a more comfortable look to buy.
  • The artistic decorations on the shoes are perforations called broguing. For an informal outfit choose more perforated shoes and prefer the least holes for formal events.
  • High-quality full-grain skin is used in making these luxury oxford brogues that you can buy from our official website. 
  • A closed lacing arrangement is the key feature of Oxford brogues you can buy.
  • The availability in different colors on our official website harmonizes well with several casual and formal outfits on assorted occasions.
  • A good pair of oxford brogue shoes can levitate the vogue of the men. Try to pair them with a formal outfit, try to wear tones in contrast with the shoes. Donning navy suits is an example and practical substitute for buying a pair of brogue shoes.
  • Oxford brogues are versatile, and that implies you can match them with jeans or shorts for a comfortable look, despite the climate you find them worth buying.

How to contrast an oxford brogue shoe

  • As a university gear, an oxford brogue shoe has evolved in numerous vogues to buy that are now adequate on formal occasions.
  • With cargo, brogues aren’t too big to avoid looking like you have tiny feet. Cargo pants harmonize very well with oxford brogues.
  • A tailored fit grey pants pair exquisitely with oxford brogues, just make sure that the ankles are noticeable.
  • A suede jacket and oxford brogues formulate a rich smart-casual outfit that you can try and buy online.
  • A pullover and an oxford brogue shoe are an excellent casual outfit, match torn jeans with a light shade t-shirt and you’re immeasurable.
  • Any genuine leather or sherpa coat when matched with an oxford brogue shoe creates a smart-casual look.
  • A tweed blazer or jacket is a dressier way of seeming semi-formal with an oxford brogue shoe.
  • A large overcoat on a suit, when matched with mens black brogues and gives you a luxury statement appearance that you want to buy.
  • Styling brogues on your wedding day is tricky. To guarantee your outfit would look more sophisticated than casual, buy a chic pair of brogues and dress them with a smart pair of dress pants. You can match them up with a shirt and a blazer.

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