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Once a wise gentleman said that rather than having multiple footwear to choose from, he would have preferred to have just one shoe that you can pull off on every occasion and atmosphere. So here is the shoe, elegant and most luxurious of its class, wholecut black oxford shoes are the answer to everywhere shoes.

These beautiful wholecut shoes have been hand-painted by our expert artisans, multiple layers of colors, and several working hours, we have achieved a color inspired by our star-gazing deep black galaxy. Inspired by our beautiful nature, and surroundings we create colors and patterns that resemble them.

The wholecut shoes are made from one single piece of leather, unlike using many small leather pieces and stitching them together. The leather used is very high in quality, any imperfection in leather could affect the high mirror-shine of the seamless wholecut shoes. The comfort and quality of our men’s oxfords are the main priority of tan and taw that you can buy galaxy wholecut black oxford shoes online from our official website.

Some of its main features include:

  • Hand-painted Galaxy Black Patina.
  • Unique dual-strap monk design.
  • Soft padded comfort insole.
  • Imported hand-picked leather.
  • Soft leather lining.
  • Durable sole with beautiful color.
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The minimalist design of the shoes and a single piece of leather with just one seam is the key to wholecut men’s oxfords. The wholecut shoe traditionally is an oxford shoe, with just a single piece of leather. The closed lacing system is the main feature of wholecut shoes, and with just one seam, the result is a sleek and minimalist seamless wholecut black oxford shoes.

The wholecut black oxford shoes don’t need any marketing or anything. The whole cuts are so eye-catching that people with a taste of shoes will appreciate the seamless wholecut look of the shoes.

How a wholecut black oxford shoes are made?

Most of the shoes that we make or by other manufacturers are with multiple pieces of leather stitched together to form a shoe. But, a wholecut oxford shoe is carved with just a single hide of leather. The craftsmanship required to make these top-notch pairs of shoes is very exclusive. High-quality hand-picked leather is selected without any blemishes and defects. Any mistake in the selection process will be costly later in the process if the shoe fails rigorous quality checks.

A wholecut leather shoes doesn’t have many pieces of leather that are easier to last. Here, it takes real skill to form a shape of the shoe from one single piece of leather. The wholecut shoe making is costlier because it takes several days of skillful artisans to create a shoe and the wastage of leather is more in making this particular shoe.

Why black oxford shoes are the most iconic?

Well, the most common classic is black color. The black galaxy wholecut leather shoes are one of the most versatile shoes of its class. You can wear your wholecut shoes on a formal occasion to a much relaxed smart-formal look. The shoes look dressier when paired with the right outfit, it elevates the style of the wearer. The wholecut shoe is a must-have shoe in the wardrobe of every gentleman. Black oxford shoes are perfect and very smart for any special occasion. 

Who could wear wholecut black oxford shoes?

No age restriction is there to wear these elegant wholecut shoes. The trendy pair of shoes are timeless. Wholecut shoes not only give you the style but also will conform to the shape of your foot. So, if newer shoes are a little snug fit, it will be fine. The minimalist design emphasizes the clean aesthetics of the shoes and adds sophistication to any gentleman’s outfit.

The wholecut shoes are meant to elevate the personality of the wearer, no matter which age group it be. The shoes paired with a sense of fashion will make a style statement, you can buy whole cut oxford shoes online from our official website.

The wholecut black oxford shoes are easier to maintain?

Comparatively, it is easier to maintain wholecut shoes but not simple, to keep them clean takes time. Cleaning wholecut men’s oxfords are pretty straight. There are no seams present in the wholecut shoes to get in the way, so adding polish and brushing the shoe is painless than with other shoes. The shoe will take care of the owner and vice-versa. 

It is important to keep the shoes in a well-ventilated area after wearing them. The moisture in the shoes must be removed first followed by brushing and storing them. It is recommended to use a shoe tree inside them while storing, as it will keep the shape of the shoes intact. When it is raining, don’t wear your wholecut oxford shoes, the water can damage both the leather and sole of the shoes. Using the shoe-horn to wear the shoes, this habit will increase the life of the heels of the shoes and will keep the shoe last longer.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 13 cm

EU 41, EU 42, EU 43, EU 44

Bottom Sole

7mm, Tunit


Tan & Taw


Black, Hand Painted, Patina


1 Inch, Wooden with rubber

Inner Lining

0.8 – 1 mm, Leather

Inner Sole

4 -5 mm padding, Latex, Leather



Leather Type



Genuine Imported Leather

Shoe Upper

1.4 -1.5 mm

1 review for Black Galaxy Whole Cut

  1. Ankush Agarwal

    One word for the shoes Mind-Blowing.
    at first, I was a little worried honestly, trusting a brand is a big risk.
    But now the risk is worth every penny.
    Best price and finest quality shoe, Unique black color feeling is amazing,
    Thankyou TanTaw.

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