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It all began in 2015, in the beautiful town of Uttrakhand, INDIA, with a curiosity of our founders to make an investment in shoes rather than just to buy them. We saw people paying ample amounts for a pair of leather shoes. Some are just satisfied by the look, some by the name of the brand, what they do not realize is that the shoes being bought are just critically overpriced.

Having seen a void in the market for premium luxury shoes at an affordable price, we started our journey. Having a technical background helped us to dig deeper into the technicality of making quality leather footwear- choosing high-quality vegan leather, organic materials, and the most important craftsmen of India which keeps the traditional art of shoe-making alive. We hired designers from the country’s most reputed fashion colleges. Inspiring from the most iconic styles, we created our own Italian designs and started crafting them. India, as a country is acknowledged for its handicrafts which incorporates the Handcrafted footwear industry. We wanted to devise the most luxurious leather shoes for men without settling on the comfort of the buyers. We traveled the whole country just to find the best artisans as well as materials. Gathered the leather samples from India and other countries, and created sample shoes from them. Choosing the most durable sample shoes with the highest luxe. We also tried and tested samples with different insoles and developed our own thick padded insole, keeping comfort on high priority. 


Like any beginner, we have also faced many challenges, but have always kept our heads high, and taking a solution-finding approach, we kept moving and are here with the most luxurious handmade shoe manufacturing brand TAN & TAW. You would frequently discover that leather confederates are expensive and unaffordable. So, we decided that our collection of handmade leather shoes will be priced at a reasonable amount. We discarded old-school third-party selling and marketing tradition that creates unnecessary markups on the price of footwear. We aim to provide our clients the best handmade leather shoes at the most affordable prices.

In India, there are only a few brands that are making handmade shoes. Crafting well-tailored handmade shoes isn’t the most obvious thing to do, the artists should be experienced. Tan & Taw has one of India’s finest craftsmen, designing and manufacturing timeless shoes. We believe in the quality of footwear that we create rather than quantity.


At Tan & Taw, hand-carved shoes are actually personalized, you have an option when it comes to silhouette in colors, texture, and material, you have the chance to create insane blends. Even if currently we can not provide customization, our handmade shoes give customers plenty of options to buy from. Using high-quality material makes our shoes extremely durable in usage and any kind of wear and tear. When you decide to buy a pair of shoes, the main aspect to analyze is the duration these shoes will last. Hand-made shoes, because they’re crafted with elegant material, will stand the time and are worthy of the money invested in them. Another advantage, only if you’re not a shoe collector, is that you won’t have to buy new shoes for a long period. 

Leather shoes have always been recognized as value for money. Our handmade leather shoes follow the classical art of shoe-making, keeping them alive. We have understood that men can do things that modern machines cannot and hence encourage more handcrafted shoes. Leather footwear has been contemplated to be an efficient investment from time traditional now. We at Tan & Taw, have a significant range of handmade leather shoe collections for men, which are designed with the intention, to be suitable for every occasion. Our leather shoes are ideal for you to rock any outfit with absolute ease.

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